Groove that Goob - Click here for Steam Download Page!

A Hybrid Stealth / Rhythm Game

A game on Steam originally made for Cornell's INFO/CS4152: Intro to Game Development

Steam Description:

Abduct the Milky Way’s Oracle Jukebox located at the top floor of a penthouse party as the shapeshifting, absorbent Goob, fully equipped with a ravenous appetite for melodies, mankind, and mosh pits.


Most Innovative Game at Cornell Game Design Initiative Showcase 2023

Group Members:

Ashley Xiang (Design Lead Feb-May 2023)

Corbin Stickley

Daniel Thorne

Leon Carranza (Design Lead Jun-Dec 2023)

Mikayla Lin (Project Lead)

Shania Cabrera

Shivani Lal

Simon Kapen (Lead Programmer)

Kassy Nguyen


Animated, composited, and edited by me, with storyboards made by Kassy Nguyen.


Early Concepts

The group narrowed down on the premise of a shape-shifting alien that must blend in at a dance party in order to advance. To this end, the designers and I created concept art for characters, environments, hazards, and overall atmospheres we wanted for our game. These are some of the drawings I had to contribute:

I also contributed some potential character designs. On the left is a sketch of a character conceieved by Shania that would make it to the finished game: Boots. On the right is an unused character created by me.

These early concepts would translate well into our first digital prototypes, and our intended aesthetic would become increasingly apparent as we polished the game with updated visuals and controls.

Non-Digital Prototype

Before beginning any digital prototypes, we were tasked with thinking about our gameplay loop critically by discretizing it. To do so, we created a non-digital prototype which allowed us to explore this concept of a rhythm/stealth game through a turn-based board game. We began by breaking the board game into a grid. We would describe the player, other dancers, hazards, and their various attributes on cards. In particular I contributed backing boards, grid paper, and 3D prints of our titular character for play testers to use. I joined my team in creating three level-boards to be used in playtesting with the rest of our class as participants.

Asset Production and Animation

Following the non digital prototype and the initial digital prototypes, my work became creating animations based on sprites provided by Shania. Additionally, I worked on a UI animation for our DDR-like (Dance Dance Revolution) arrows when the player lands a perfect input.

My other major contribution was in created the art for the tile map, which would be populated throughout the levels in our game.

Steam Release

Following our success at the Game Design showcase that year, our team decided to release the game on Steam. I became the lead designer for the summer we began its release. A highlight of our work was our social media campaign and the production of trailers for the steam release.